The secretary of State for Education has published the ‘Draft Document’ for the National Curriculum .

The ‘Draft Document’ made major changes to the contents of the  ‘Core Academic Subjects’ within the National Curriculum.  Schools would start teaching the new ‘Core Academic Subjects’ from September 2015. The first examinations of the new curriculum would be held in September 2017.

Additionally, the Secretary of State has set out major reforms to the current national assessments regimes at Key Stages 4 and 5. The new assessments regimes  would consist of straight examinations at the end of the respective courses at Key Stages 4 and 5.


Teachers and Emeritus Educators will provide online tutorials in the following subjects at GCSE, AS and A’ Levels.

Accounting  –  As and A’ Level

Art and design  –  GCSE,  AS and A’ Level

Business Studies  – AS and A’ Level

Computing  – AS and A’ Level

Economics – AS and A’ Level  

English and English Literature – GCSE,  AS and A’ Level

Design and technology  – GCSE

Geography  – GCSE,  AS and A’ Level

History  – GCSE,  AS and A’ Level

Languages: French,  Portuguese, Spanish , Italian, German, Latin – GCSE,  AS and A’ Level

Mathematics  – GCSE,  AS and A’ Level

Psychology  –  AS and A’ Level

Science : biology, chemistry and physics  – GCSE,  AS and A’ Level


Teachers and Emeritus Educators will help pupils and students prepare for the following Examining Boards: